Malls in Dubai

Uniqueness, creativity, comfort, extravagance and awesomeness are the words which can be used to describe the malls in Dubai. They are centers, designed to offer people a memorable shopping cum entertainment cum sightseeing experience.

The Dubai mall leads the list of the Dubai top malls. It has a colossal building and is artistically built. Ranging from the up-to-the-minute designs of every brand to baroque designs of jewelry, this place has everything. It has numerous restaurants that offer palatable food, laudable exhibit including paper butterflies over Armani café, the unique Underwater Zoo and lustrous sidewalks. All of this makes it the best mall in Dubai.

But one cannot take anything away from other top malls in Dubai. They are a wholesome package in themselves. From indoor ski resorts, electronic shops, 3-D cinemas to capacious supermarkets and value-added gyms, they have everything in them. They present you with world-class retailers which will sell you your favorite products, divine bistros and beverages outlets to tantalize your taste buds, entertainment facilities to relax your minds and body from the burden of life, dainty furniture, Art centers and awe-inspiring gardens (which give it a unique outdoor look.) There is nothing you can complain of.

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