Schools in Dubai

Dubai is blooming at the speed of a leopard and due to its increased commercialization and developing infrastructure it is a home to numerous families which fly from different parts of the world in search of employment.

Hence, there is an increased demand for the number of schools; apart from the public schools there are various schools for other cultures and nationalities as well. There are a total of 158 private schools for children of the international workforce.

The curricula in these schools are up to date and make the best use of the diverse abilities of all students. The classrooms are equipped with projectors and computing facility to enhance the learning atmosphere for the students. Playgrounds, laboratories, libraries and high standard facilities for extra-curricular activities are also ensured.  Due to diverse cultures living and learning under one roof these students learn a great deal of tolerance and acceptance of change and difference of opinion.

Therefore even some of the Asian parents prefer their children studying in international schools, but some of the Asian schools are also included in the prestigious list of Dubai Top 10 schools. The education sector is flourishing rapidly thus providing abundant opportunities to the students.   

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